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Have you ever had an urgent call or conversation where you need translating in real-time? Interpreter phone services are the go-to option for business owners and individuals who are in urgent (maybe last-minute need), of direct interpretation assistance.

At its most basic, phone interpreting or over-the-phone interpreting —OPI for short— takes the form of a 3-way telephone conference call between two individuals who speak different languages, and a third-party interpreter.

How is OPI different from other forms of interpreting?

As you may imagine, in a regular multilingual conference or meeting, there would normally be an interpreter present in person (typically, they would sit in the same room as the speakers or in a sound-proof booth). With OPI, the interpreter can be located anywhere in the world, as they provide their services remotely.

What are the benefits of OPI?

Evidently, OPI means no travel costs for the interpreter to arrive at the location. However, because they are not on-site, there is the difficulty of the interpreter not being able to see the situation. This is why they need to be specialists, having undergone quality training to acquire the skills involved in this type of work.

In what situations is OPI useful?

With growing language diversity in the developed world, this service can make a difference in the impact your organization can have. In fact, OPI can is extremely useful in the next situations:

  • Medical environments and health care facilities providing services to multicultural communities;

  • Call centers fielding calls in multiple languages on a daily basis;

  • Emergency phone calls;

  • For business having multilingual clients which prefer conducting their purchases over the phone, rather than shopping online.

On top of it, an OPI service suits small interpreting projects, where you need quick interpreter service to get answers to your immediate needs, such as setting up meetings or confirming appointments with foreign colleagues and business partners.

Having an OPI service that is reliable and can respond immediately to any language request is essential.

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