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According to statistics, almost 50% of executives interviewed admitted that language misunderstandings are the main reasons for failed international business deals, resulting in significant losses for their company. Besides, plenty of companies cooperate with businesses from different countries where English isn’t the primary language.

The truth here is that not every person speaks or understands English, and it shouldn’t be taken as a given. Also, you can have a multilingual audience members attending your next business. The language barrier can be a serious issue here, and the way to avoid every obstacle regarding language and culture is working with an interpreter. Why? Basically because interpreters help to ease the burden of those communication hiccups that can truly make or break a deal!

How to prepare to work with an interpreter in your next business meeting?

One excellent idea beforehand is to conduct a pre-meeting with your interpretation provider to establish some good ground rules (as the meeting agenda or structure) for the upcoming meeting, so you can understand better how to make the process of communicating through an interpreter more smooth-running. You can also provide your pitch or presentation ahead of time so the professional can point out any potential issues in translation. Also, if you plan on giving a speech, give the interpreter a copy so that they can familiarize themselves with the content and key points.

In what ways will the interpreter help you out?

Interpreters are well-trained to relay your message with expertise and confidence — they will make your job easier. They will know how to transmit faithfully not only your words, but also your intention and goals of the meeting by being aware of the cultural nuances that may appear and how to solve them out to remain loyal to your speech. This will make you feel relaxed so you can focus on your words and communicating properly. Working with a professional and trustworthy interpreter will create a stress free environment as you conduct business with an international client trough him or her.

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