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Happy World Arabic Language Day to you all! This time last year, we took a moment to appreciate the Arabic language and its many contributions to humanity as we cleared some things up about this rich language.

Today, we would like to pay tribute to this language by talking about the present demand for Arabic translations and of course, the reasons for it.

Why are Arabic Translation Services important?

Huge number of speakers

The world’s Arabic speaking population is currently one of more than 466 million people. This fact alone could answer our question!. As more Arabic speakers migrate and settle all over the world, Arabic is spreading once more outside the premises of its geographic concentration.

Large Market

Arabic is one of the Semitic languages and is widely used in Arabic countries as a first language. One part of the world where Arabic is concentrated is witnessing a heavy boom in a variety of fields. From business development and real estate to construction, technology or tourism, the current geopolitical environment has piqued interest in the Middle East — for instance, the United Arab Emirates are presently regarded as part of the largest importers and exporters across the globe. The Middle East is composed of many countries, and it boasts one of the youngest and fastest-growing populations in the world that is expected to reach approximately 580 million people by 2030. Apart from that, it has the largest repository of oil and gas in the world.

Different language varieties

When conducting business localization or translation for the Arabic market, it is not only imperative to pay careful attention to your target country’s culture and norms, but also to the Arabic language variety spoken in each country, or even city. Note that there are numerous local varieties of Arabic spoken across the Arab world used for everyday situations, and they can vary widely. Besides, most Arab speakers adapt their speech to use ‘Ammiyya (colloquial Arabic), MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) or even Classical Arabic based on various socio-linguistic factors. For that reason, working with professional translation services is essential as they are aware of the nuances of the dialect and local culture.

Need Arabic translation or interpreting services? Reach out to us!


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