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On past occasions we decided to debunk some myths about translation and interpreting. Click here for part 1, or here for part 2 if you want to remember them all before moving into the third one of our lists!

Today we are back to cover in depth three new misconceptions about the industry… Are you ready?

MYTH #1: The need of translation is decreasing.

Let’s take it the other way round! The truth is more and more business companies have realized about the need to choose professional translation services because it offers huge scope for massive growth. Translation services are starting to be seen as an investment rather than as an expense. By helping businesses, companies and people all around the world communicate effectively, the language service sector is currently one of the most powerful up-and-coming industries. Translation services are just on track to get even more popular.

MYTH #2: Translators and interpreters don’t have to be familiar with the culture of a target language.

Culture involves religion, cuisine, social habits, music, arts and of course, language. Hence why language and culture must work together. If translators and interpreters do not understand the culture behind the languages they speak, they will not be able to deliver culturally sensitive translation or interpretation. Learning the culture gives the linguist the ability to pick appropriate idioms and cultural nuances so they can convey messages correctly. Bear in mind the professional translators and interpreters never stop learning and investigating about their own culture and the target language culture so they can deliver the best top quality outcome to their clients.

MYTH #3: Translation is fast.

Translation is usually seen as a fast, non-complex process. However, it takes longer that expected. Why? Because of the amount of research professionals do to find the right expression or word that fits in the context or test they are working on. Apart from that, translators do not know everything! Behind a good translation there are hours and hours of research and investigation to find the perfect term. There is lots of work behind every single sentence!


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