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Loss of the text’s style, poor diction, superficial or too literal – it is all very easy to describe and spot a bad translation.

But what makes a good translation? How can customers, clients, businesses or brands be certain that their message is going to be conveyed accurately?

Translation often needs to be checked to ensure its GOOD QUALITY.

A translation services provider can edit and correct unstructured and incorrect documents to deliver a professional looking document. For that purpose, in any translation process PROOFREADING is critical to verify content, localized style, correct errors and to ensure consistency with the in-house style of the document.

How Can Proofreading Upgrade the Quality of a Translation?

The essence of proofreading is the reading of a document or piece of text in order to identify and correct any errors.

A human translation proofreader will perform all the tasks executed by a general proofreader, such as correcting grammatical and punctuation errors. However, this professional will also take meaning into consideration and will ensure consistency with client glossaries or specialist usage and accuracy in cultural context.

More specifically, proofreading usually involves identification and correction of:

  • grammar, punctuation and spelling;

  • formatting, line spacing and structuring of sentences;

  • visual consistency;

  • abbreviations and expansions according to the target language’s standards

  • inappropriate words and phrases;

  • testing broken website links;

  • capitalization and usage of tenses;

  • essence of content as per the audience’s demographics, culture and language

Translation proofreading services are then essential to provide ACCURACY, which is vital within any kind of professional document (in any language) to reflect a company’s devotion to quality. It will ensure that your translation is consistent, clear, and above all, linguistically flawless.

Need proofreading services? Our quality proofreader will scan your project thoroughly and correct any mistakes!


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