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Did you know that in general, people tend to prefer watching subtitles videos? In today’s digital world, online video content plays a key role within company advertising and video has become an extremely powerful marketing tool. On the other hand, they also act as a resource for non-native speakers, not to mention that many videos are watched on mute!

Now, expanding your business’ audience internationally and, subsequently, your profits, inevitably involves professional translation, and the only way to make your video content accessible to viewers all over the world who don’t speak English is, of course, through subtitle translation.

What is subtitle translation?

Subtitle translation is a popular form of audiovisual translation where the spoken content of a video is translated and appears as text, usually at the bottom of the screen, simultaneously with the audio.

Subtitle translation: in more demand than ever

With online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO being everywhere, is it no weird to confirm that subtitle translation industry is in more demand than ever. Besides that, it was recently found that videos without subtitles were watched, on average, 66% to completion compared to 91% with subtitles. How crazy is that? Subtitling allows viewers who cannot access the auditory component of a media file to still enjoy video in the fullest way possible without missing out the supplementary sounds.

How can your business benefit from subtitle translation?

The main benefit of subtitles is quite clear: they allow the widest possible audience to engage with your audiovisual content. For instance, it is widely understood that over 80% of Facebook videos are viewed without the sound on. By adding subtitles to your videos, you can increase engagement by as much as 15%.

On the other hand, taking your target audience’s language into account is key if you’re hoping to make the next leap to international clients. Subtitle translation can really open up your global potential and is extremely useful if you have videos that you intend to distribute to foreign audiences.

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